International Speakers Summit

Learn From Over 150 Professional Speakers As They Reveal The Secrets To Getting Booked To Travel The World As A Highly-Paid Keynote Speaker


So You Want To Build A Career As A Highly-Paid Keynote Speaker?

International Speakers Summit is the world's biggest online event for today's thought leaders, authors, trainers, coaches and consultants who want to grow their business and brand by launching, building and developing a successful international speaking career. Access all of the video and audio recordings, as well as the bonus content, today with a VIP Pass.

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What You'll Learn On This Summit

Market Your Speaking

  • The 3 Keys To Launching A Speaking Career
  • The First Principles Of Speaking
  • Storytelling, Body Language, and Public Speaking
  • Building A Global Speaking Model
  • How To Identify Your Signature Moves
  • How To Craft The Perfect Sales Call
  • Creating A Million Dollar Video Business
  • Personal Branding for Speakers
  • Exactly What To Say - Words To Influence
  • How To Get Video Testimonials From Clients and Audience Members
  • Innovation In The Speaking Business
  • How To Fascinate Your Audience
  • How To Craft A Great TED Talk 
  • Overcoming A Fear Of Public Speaking
  • Living A Limitless Life As A Speaker
  • How To Find Speakers To Mentor You
  • The Feisty, Focused And Fearless Speaker
  • How To Be A Distinctive Speaker
  • How To Sell Your Speaking On The Phone
  • Public Speaking for Techie's
  • Collaborate To Accelerate
  • How To Become A Successful Speaker
  • Silencing Your Inner Critic As A Speaker
  • The Entrepreneurial Speaker
  • How To Start Speaking In New Countries
  • Using SpeakerHub To Get More Speaking Gigs
  • From The Boardroom To The Stage
  • Using LinkedIn To Get More Speaking Gigs
  • How To Stand Out In The Speaker Marketplace
  • How To Price Your Speaking
  • Going From Corporate Executive To Professional Speaker
  • Adding Humor To Your Speaking
  • Finding Your Voice As A Speaker
  • The Changing Role Of The Meeting Planner
  • Why Most Speakers Are Broke (And How To Avoid Their Mistakes)
  • Creating Contextual Models to get attention for your Intellectual Property
  • Using Location Maximization As A Speaker
  • Using CRM's To Increase Speaker Sales Flow
  • Harnessing Social Media And Live Video
  • Leveraging Your Speaking Business With Training
  • Writing As A Thought Leadership Strategy
  • Building a Mindset of Service Success for Speakers
  • Project Management for Speakers
  • Communicating With Confidence
  • Speak Up, Scale Up And Make A Difference
  • How Any Speaker Can Achieve Extraordinary Success
  • Sales Systems for Speakers
  • Social Media Strategy For Speakers

Sell Your Speaking

  • How To Spread Your Message To The World
  • How To Run A Successful Speaking Business With Your Spouse
  • The Power of Purposeful Storytelling
  • Sales Process for Speakers
  • Mastering Your Message
  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Keynote Speaking
  • The Success Principles of Speaking
  • How To Use Newsjacking To Build Your Speaking Business
  • Using Your Speaking To Influence
  • What Speakers Can Learn From Miles Davis
  • Active Shooter And Threats to Event Safety
  • Synchronicity And Speaking Across Different Cultures
  • Personal Branding For Speakers
  • Body Language to Stand Out, Win Trust & Gain Credibility
  • Creating Online Courses 
  • Developing A Seven Figure Speaker Mindset
  • How To Grow Your Brand Using YouTube
  • Speaking In The Middle East
  • Reinventing Your Speaker Brand
  • How To Reduce Stress and Improve Your Presence on Stage
  • Why You Should Join A Speakers Association
  • Holograms Speakers and Augmented Reality At Events
  • Inclusion And Audience Engagement
  • Self-Leadership for Speakers
  • Building Your Brand As A Speaker
  • What Exceptional Speakers Do
  • Entertrainment as the Future of Public Speaking
  • Speaking Internationally And Top-Flight Branding
  • How To Speak The LINGO Of Meeting Planners
  • Accessibility Hacks for Speakers
  • Increasing Visibility Using Your Voice
  • Building Your Brand Through Messaging And Story
  • The Asia Pacific Event Industry
  • The 3 Secrets To Start As A Professional Speaker
  • Creating A Standout Speaker Brand
  • How To Sell Your Speaking
  • Making Sure Your Message Can Be Heard
  • Identifying Your Non-Negotiables As A Speaker
  • How To Build Bureau Relationships
  • Going From Local To International Speaker
  • Hero Leadership For Speakers
  • How To Licence Your Intellectual Property To Corporations
  • How To Identify Your Speaking Topic
  • Three Questions Every Speaker Needs To Ask
  • How Speakers Can Work With An MC
  • Getting Unstuck As A Speaker
  • The Professional Panel Moderator
  • The Craft and Business of Professional Speaking
  • Sponsorship for Speakers
  • The Changing Speaker Business

Improve Your Speaking

  • Becoming Part Of The Global Speaking Community
  • Finding Clients As A Speaker
  • How To Get The Science In Your Keynote Right
  • How To Increase Your Speaking Bookings By 300%
  • Going From A Six To A Seven Figure Speaker
  • Event Planner Outreach
  • Sustainability And The Speaker Lifestyle
  • How To Achieve Your Speaking Goals
  • How To Be Funny(er)
  • The Trust Economy
  • How To Be A Mindblowing Speaker
  • Why Speaking Is A Perishable Skill
  • The Three Stages Of Personal Branding
  • Key Takeaways From Global Speakers Summit
  • How To Find A Speaking Mentor
  • The Journey From Coaching To Speaking
  • How To Exceed Client Expectations
  • How To Get Your Message To Millions (And Make Millions)
  • Getting Over Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Speaking Business
  • Handling The Nerves And Pressure Of Speaking
  • Mastering The Art Of The Keynote
  • How To Improve Your Speech Using Video
  • How To Speak So International Audiences Want To Listen
  • Making Money In Your Jammies
  • How To Leverage Technology For Relationship Marketing
  • Change The World From The Front Of The Room
  • How Being An Emcee Leads To International Speaking Opportunities
  • Double Your Income From Speaking Professionally
  • Automate Your Speaker Business With ONTRAPORT
  • How To Be A Remarkable Speaker
  • The Russian Speaking Market
  • How To Revolutionize The Speaking Business
  • Taking Your Audience On A Journey
  • Building A Speaker Practice Not A Speaker Business
  • Building Brands Around Your Speaking
  • Performance Under Pressure
  • Modelling Excellence
  • How To Build A Speaking Business In The Midst Of Uncertainty
  • Speak for High Fees in Many Lands
  • Building Relationships With Event Planners Using BombBomb
  • Digital Persuasion For Speakers
  • Working With Speaker Bureaus
  • How To Design Your Speaker Lifestyle
  • How To Book More Business This Year
  • How To Build Your Speaking Career
  • Ka-Ching! Adding New Streams Of Revenue
  • The Future Of Speaking
  • How To Be A Resilient Speaker
  • The Speaker's Brain

Price: $97 USD

(These summit recordings are also available inside the Membership)


What's Inside

Total Running Time: 100+ hours!

Discover the secrets to designing, launching, growing, and monetizing a successful global speaking business.

First, discover tried and tested secrets from over 100 of the world’s top professional speakers, trainers and speaker business coaches. Then, decide which of their strategies and tactics you are going to apply first. Finally, take action and start to grow your speaking business faster than you thought possible. 

Plus... you’ll also receive access to mp3 audio downloads, summit workbook and bonus content in addition to all 120+ videos. 

How It Works

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Meet Your Summit Host

Your host for International Speaker Summit™ is James Taylor, a professional keynote speaker on creativity and artificial intelligence and founder of SpeakersU.

​​​​​​​His mission in life is to unlock the creative potential in people and teams. He holds an MBA with a focus on international business and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (previous fellows include Benjamin Franklin and Nelson Mandela).

​​​​​​​As an international keynote speaker and expert on business creativity he is passionate about delivering experiences on stage which inspire, educate and entertain audiences. He also coaches aspiring and professional speakers through the Membership.

What People Are Saying About This Summit

"I'm so grateful for the Summit. Every one is more valuable than the next, and I love your questions about the bag, the book, and starting over. This has provided more value to this starting speaker than I could have imagined. Thank you." - Heather Hansen

"Wow! Great food for thought and lots of practical strategies." - Trish McIntosh

"The best way to describe the experience is Under Promised, Over Delivered. Amazing." - Sharfunnisa

Price: $97 USD

(These summit recordings are also available inside the Membership.)