About Us

Since 2001 our mission at P3 Music has been "To inspire and instruct music artists on how to achieve their potential".

We help music artists succeed by teaching them the strategies, techniques, and skills required for today's dynamic music industry. We do this through our online courses, books, live events, coaching programs and free training.

Our Products and Programs

Whatever stage you are in your music career, whether an aspiring artist or a Grammy award winner, we provide some of the best online training and coaching you'll find.

Music Business Kit
Our flagship one-year online course for musicians includes integrated case studies in several media formats, hundreds of tutorials and lessons, and daily coaching emails - one a day for a year. The course covers music promotion and marketing, getting gigs and live touring, YouTube for musicians, Facebook for Musicians, music publishing and music licensing, music copyright and music law, how to teach music online, music jobs, music for TV, games and film, and crowdfunding for musicians.

Music Business EDGE
Our newest membership program provides the latest training on how to promote and market your music. Includes monthly webinars and private social/community features so you can also learn from others who are making it in music.

Music Business Coaching
There is a faster path to success in music. Take your music career to the next level with personalized coaching from one of the world’s leading music business experts.

Music Retreats
Develop mastery in guitar, vocals, songwriting and music business with our 3-day music retreats in the USA, UK, France, Italy, and Asia.


Who Are We?

P3 Music was co-founded in 2001 by award-winning music industry expert James Taylor and entertainment lawyer Alison Burns.

James Taylor is an award-winning artist manager and music business expert. In his twenty years working in the music industry in California, Canada, Europe and Asia his advice and management has helped musicians and music companies generate millions of dollars in album sales, ticket revenues, publishing income, endorsements and other product sales.

Along the way, he’s advised or helped all kinds of musicians including Deacon Blue, Paul Gilbert, Ricky Ross, Tommy Emmanuel, Nathan East, John Patitucci, Martin Taylor, Bryn Terfel, Luis Conte, Billy Cobham and many more Grammy award winning music artists.

“There is no better feeling than helping musicians grow their fanbase, get gigs and sell their music” says James.

James is also recognized as one of the top online marketing and online education experts having consulted for a number of leading technology, publishing, online education, and media brands internationally.  He has created successful campaigns across a variety of industries using his deep knowledge of online marketing including social media, affiliate marketing, SEO, content marketing, public relations, PPC and video marketing.

Companies, brands and celebrities he has worked with include Sony Entertainment, Warner Music, Universal, Google, Johnson & Johnson, YouTube, Yamaha, BMG and Bang & Olufsen.

He is a co-founder of the Music Business Institute and creator of the Music Business Kit™ and many other courses and education events for musicians.

In addition to holding a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) James was also awarded the SD Southern Scholarship and studied international marketing at the Richard Ivey Business School in Canada.


Letter from James Taylor

Creating music is fun. So, why is it so hard to build a successful career as an independent musician? Why do some artists have hit songs, albums and sell-out shows? Why do some musicians seem to understand the business and marketing side of music better than others? Is it a natural skill? Are they just gifted with an innate ability to build a fanbase, get gigs and make hit records?

I’ve spend the last fifteen years as an artist manager, agent and music industry expert. During that time, I’ve been fortunate to work with thousands of musicians around the world including multiple Grammy award winners – to coach them on what it takes to make it in music today.

In my experience, successful musicians have two critical things in common. First, they have complete clarity on exactly what they need to do to make progress. Second, they take simple steps every day to create progress and momentum towards achieving their goals.

Unfortunately, many musicians hit a wall or plateau in their progress and never have the tools to establish clarity of forward momentum. Either they don’t know what to do to make it as a musician, or they have a goal but they just don’t know the steps to achieve it. This is often a result of receiving advise or training that is inconsistent or doesn’t cover some essential, critical information.

With this in mind, I created the P3 Music. It’s a provider of training courses, books, membership programs and events that that makes it easy for musicians to establish a solid foundation for their music career.

Now, while the information we provide is essential for those just starting or contemplating a music career, it’s also extremely valuable for semi-pro and pro musicians. If you are already making a living from music, but always feel like you’re hitting a wall or don’t know what to do next, P3 Music is also for you. It will provide you with cutting-edge training on music promotion, distribution, touring and publishing to take your music to the next level.

James Taylor

P.S. – All P3 Music products and programs come with our money-back guarantee. This means you have time to test drive them with absolutely nothing to lose. If the content isn’t everything you expected and more, simply contact me for a complete refund. With that said, I’m confident you will love it and that you’ll see incredible results in your music career!